Carinda Heritage Tour

Sitting near the bottom end of the Macquarie Marshes is the village of Carinda, with a population of approximately 200.

Apart from it’s proximity to the Marshes, Carinda has several other claims to fame.

It’s believed the first settlers came in the region in the mid 1800’s with the site of the current township being established in the early 1900’s.

It’s rumoured that Carinda’s rather flash Police Station, built in 1968 when the old one burned down, was actually meant for the much larger Quirindi!

Carinda is also not far from Cuddie Springs an important achaelogical site with fossil deposits.

And, in 1983 for David Bowie’s huge worldwide hit, Let’s Dance, the video clip was largely filmed in the Carinda pub and features many locals.  One to remember for trivia nights!