Dubbo Regional Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden development began in 1999 and currently comprises four distinctive garden spaces: Shoyoen, the Sensory Gardens, the Biodiversity Garden and the Oasis Valley.

The Biodiversity Garden displays threatened and endangered species and regional vegetation communities of grassy box woodlands plains, wetlands and rocky volcanic slopes. A variety of bird life can also be observed.

Oasis Valley depicts different types of Australian rainforest species that have evolved from the ancient subtropical Gondwana rainforests providing a living link to Australia’s biogeographical history and promotes the conservation of the threatened dry rainforests.

Signage includes bio-geographical overview of the region and vegetation communities, such as Grassy Box Woodland – an Endangered Ecological Community.

Activities have been categorised according to the three cross curriculum priorities: Sustainability; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures; Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia.