Lions Park, Warren

Great places for a picnic and for the kids to play.  These two well maintained areas are by the Macquarie river on the side of the main shopping area and are ideal stop-over places, although camping is not permitted.

Lions Park is on the corner of Dubbo and Boston Streets, one block down from the main shopping area.  It has a children’s playground, covered tables and seats and rubbish bins.  There is also the chance to walk along the levee bank beside the river (see photos).

Macquarie Park can be found where the Oxley Highway crosses the Macquarie river.  It sits behind the Bowling Club.  It also has picnic tables and a playground for kids.  Worth seeing is the massive hollow stump of an old River Red Gum. The tree toppled over in 1998 and is estimated to have been about 950 years old at the time.