Victoria, Oxley, Ebert and Orchard Street Parks

Like those on the other side of the river in Warren these are also great places for a picnic and for the kids to play. Some have off leash areas for dogs too (see signs indicating this).  There are four areas on this side of the river, all are very close or contiguous with one another.

Victoria Oval and Park is the local sporting complex, which also runs beside the river.  Adjoining it is Oxley Park where there are toilets, an RV dump site, plus covered picnic tables and bins for rubbish.  On the other side of the Oxley Highway, but still on the same side of the river, is Ebert Park, a long narrow park (this is Coonamble Road) where dogs are allowed to be off leash.  Opposite this Park, Orchard Street joins Coonamble Road and few hundred down this is another long, narrow park, Orchard Street Park.  Dogs are also permitted off-leash here and there are picnic seats etc.

Oxley Park – 31°41’49.16″S, 147°50’23.57″E
Ebert Park – 31°41’58.49″S, 147°50’22.64″E
Orchard Street Park – 31°42’2.05″S, 147°50’32.55″E