Wambangalang Environmental Education Centre

Specialising in environmental education as the name suggests.

Key subject areas:

Biodiversity – There’s lots of biodiversity on this site, as it contains a large remnant example of Box Grassy Woodland vegetation type.

Heritage and culture – Several aboriginal heritage/cultural programs are available, including artefact study and site investigation.

Art – Many different art activities available e.g. boomerang art.

Astronomy – Unit to be finalised soon, although the view of the heavenly bodies is quite spectacular due to our distance from town.

There 2-3 fulltime teachers, several casual teachers and other community members.

Plus there is  educational signage present throughout the centre, with added signage being constructed.

On-site are dormitories, BBQ area, showers, kitchen/dining area, classroom and laboratory, archery, ropes course, bikes, teddy bears picnic, and many more programs/activities. Information provided on our website.

Open during school hours, but can also accommodate overnight stays and camps.