Wattle Grove, Dubbo

A planting of locally endemic wattles within the urban environment of Dubbo city to help develop an appreciation of Australian flora, in particular Acacia species, commonly known as Wattles. Acacia is the largest genus of vascular plants in Australia with close to 1,000 species. Australia’s national floral emblem is Acacia pycnantha – the Golden Wattle.

Dubbo Field Naturalists and Conservation Society established the ‘Wattlegrove’ in 2002 at this site which is adjacent to the old steam engine pump station and state heritage listed railway bridge on Macquarie River – Wambool in the Wiradjuri language.

The Wattlegrove has grown to become a valuable point of interest and a passive educational resource for the Dubbo district, highlighting our wattles and their many applications.

Members of Dubbo Field Naturalist can be available by prior arrangement (see below).

An interpretive sign includes line drawings of a variety of wattles to inform residents and visitors alike of the diversity of these plants that can be found locally.