Wellington Caves, Phosphate Mine and Osawano Japanese Gardens

The complex comprises two show caves; The Cathedral Cave and the Gaden Cave plus a series of smaller caves. These include the recently rediscovered Water Cave and the challenging River Cave, which are open to only the most experienced cave diving enthusiasts.

While you’re visiting the Caves, why not check out the Phosphate Mine while you are there. The Phosphate Mine not only features the workings of a World War I Mine, but also houses bone fragments and fossils from as far back as 300,000 years ago. Enjoy a snack, a coffee or an ice-cream at the Caves Kiosk. The Kiosk also sells a wide range of souvenirs.

Wellington-Osawano Japanese Garden is the result of a $270,000 gift from the Wellington’s Japanese sister city, Osawano. One of the main features is a man-made mountain from which water cascades down a stream of ponds before winding its way under several bridges to a reflection pool.

A water pavilion sits over the pool. Another feature is a 4.5 meter stone lantern tower donated by firms in Osawano. Entry is a free and maps are available at the entrance, which give a guide to the many plant varieties in the garden.