Birdwatcher’s Guide to Arthurville Area (Route 1)

Explore Avian Diversity Between Dubbo and Wellington

Welcome to the Arthurville Area, a birdwatching haven nestled between Dubbo and Wellington, offering remnants of woodlands amid agricultural landscapes. This guide is your gateway to a 100km round trip, rich in woodland and riparian bird species. Discover Diamond Firetails, Little Eagle, Speckled Warbler, and more as you embark on this birdwatching adventure.

About the Site:

  • Diverse Birdlife: The Arthurville Area boasts a mix of remnant woodlands within agricultural lands, providing a habitat for an array of birds, including Red-capped Robins, Varied Sittellas, Superb Fairywrens, Dollarbirds, Sacred and Azure Kingfishers, and many others.
  • Route Description: The approximate 100km round trip begins at the Newell Highway/Obley Road intersection, the turnoff to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.

Birdwatching Sites along Route 1:

Site 1 – Cumboogle Landcare Reserve (4km):

  • Mixed box woodland with opportunities to spot Red-capped Robins.
  • Access: Drive up the small road opposite Morris Park Race Track.

Site 2 – Cumboogle Fire Brigade Shed (8km):

  • Varied Sittellas and Superb Fairywrens have been observed in this small woodland patch.
  • Continue to Site 3 by turning left into Benolong Road at 10km.

Site 3 – Benolong Road T-intersection (21km):

  • Turn left toward Dubbo and stop on the old bridge over the Little River for potential sightings of ducks and herons.

Site 4 – Peach Trees Reserve (29km):

  • Located on the left along the Macquarie River, offering the chance to see Dollarbirds and Sacred and Azure Kingfishers.

Site 5 – Scabbing Flat Reserve (40km):

  • A large area across the old bridge on the Macquarie River, perfect for a wander.

Site 6 – Woodlands and Dams (31km):

  • Woodlands and dams along the Geurie-Arthurville road, a great spot for Australian Pipits and other grass birds.

Site 7 – Little River Road (45km):

  • Cross a low-level bridge over the Little River and explore the area for a variety of bird species.

How to Find the Site:

  • Begin at the Newell Highway/Obley Road intersection, the turnoff to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.
  • Follow the described route, exploring various birdwatching sites along the way.

Coordinates for Geurie Cemetery: 32°24’42.21”S, 148°49’57.38”E

Access Information and Facilities:

  • No facilities available; this route is dedicated to birdwatching with various stopping points for exploration.

Opening Hours:

  • Not applicable; explore the birdwatching sites at your own pace.

Gear up for a rewarding birdwatching expedition through the diverse landscapes of the Arthurville Area. From woodlands to riverbanks, this route promises an abundance of bird species, making it a must-visit for bird enthusiasts. Happy birdwatching!