Birdwatcher’s Guide to Geurie Cemetery and Bald Hill Reserve

Discover Avian Treasures at Geurie Cemetery and Bald Hill Reserve

Welcome to Geurie, a birdwatcher’s haven boasting the hidden gems of Geurie Cemetery and the adjacent Bald Hill Reserve. This guide is your ticket to an exceptional birdwatching experience, where hard-to-find species and diverse woodlands await.

About the Site:

  • Birding Gem: Geurie Cemetery and Bald Hill Reserve are true birdwatching treasures, offering excellent opportunities to spot rare species.
  • Species Highlights: Prepare to be amazed by the avian diversity, including White-browed Babblers, Little Lorikeets, Black-chinned Honeyeaters, Crested Shrike-Tits, Diamond Firetails, Square-tailed Kites, and Painted Button-Quails.
  • Vegetation: The primary vegetation includes Grey and White Box woodlands, along with areas of Cypress, Yellow, and Fuzzy Box.
  • Geographical Location: Situated on the southern periphery of Geurie, the reserve extends into the lower slope of the iconic ‘Bald Hill.’ Explore three main areas within the reserve: Geurie Cemetery, the old Quarry, and the reserve proper.
    • Geurie Cemetery: A managed area surrounded by Cypress woodland, perfect for spotting little birds.
    • Old Quarry: East of Arthurville Road, with a rough vehicular entrance. Alternatively, park at the cemetery and walk west across the creek.
    • Reserve Proper: A larger area west of Arthurville Road, offering various walking and mountain biking trails.

How to Find the Site:

  • Cemetery: Take the Mitchell Highway east from Geurie. The cemetery access road is 1500m from the village on the south (left). Exercise caution when making the turn.
  • Old Quarry: Access the very rough vehicular entrance off Arthurville Road. Alternatively, park at the cemetery and walk across the creek to the west.
  • Reserve Proper: Discover a variety of walking and mountain biking trails accessed from southern streets in Geurie (Morley Street/Whitely Street, Old Dubbo Road, Chambers/Payne St).

Coordinates: Geurie Cemetery – 32°24’42.21”S, 148°49’57.38”E

Access Information and Facilities:

  • Facilities: There are no facilities available – this is a site dedicated to walking trails and the pure joy of birdwatching.

Opening Hours:

  • Not Applicable: The beauty of Geurie Cemetery and Bald Hill Reserve is accessible without restrictions, allowing you to explore at your convenience.

Contact Information:

  • Not Applicable: Enjoy the serenity of birdwatching without the need for formal contact.

Gear up for an unforgettable birdwatching adventure at Geurie Cemetery and Bald Hill Reserve. With its unique species and diverse woodlands, this site promises to be a sanctuary for bird enthusiasts. Lace up your hiking boots and embrace the tranquility of nature as you embark on a journey through the avian wonders of Geurie. Happy birdwatching!