Ngemba Wailwan Artists, Warren

The Ngemba Wailwan art group are a group of Indigenous artists who gather to make artworks. Hailing from Warren, the groups name comes from the Ngemba Wailwan tribe who inhabited the area between Gilgandra and Brewarrina but centred around Warren and the Macquarie Marshes. The Ngemba Wailwan tribe created artworks that were carved into trees and ground. The Wailwan artists produce works inspired by these carvings.

Their work is rich and vibrant, and contains no dots, unlike the more familiar works of the Central Australian Indigenous artists. Rather, it is a faithful rendition of each artists totemic clan symbol and the legendary Glyphs of their ancestors. Produced in quality oils on heavy linen canvas the work has the feel of rich leather.

The group’s conception began with the development of the Regional Indigenous Cultural Development Officer (RICDO) Scheme which runs in the five shire that Outback Arts services.